Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ever look into the source for the common sayings, mantras, and slogans used by gays?  Everyone needs to see the bad sources for what the gays are doing now.  Every movement is defined and influenced by its leaders and their speeches, writings, and publications.  No one here pays attention to what the major gay liberation leaders leaders wrote and spoke publicly for that is publicly-available for everyone to read, and how these leaders promoted other "practices" (bestiality, pedophilia, polygamy, and other "free" practices while these leaders were also involved in very strange occult practices such as Thelema, O.T.O., etc.).  Harry Hay and his companions are good examples of gay leaders in the famous Mattachine Society, Stonewall, and other gay liberation movements.  All the gay history books and society magazines mentioned these various liberation leaders and referred to multitudes of their writings.  The gay history and society books also traditionally have called Harry Hay the "great leader" and even "messiah" for gays and lesbians.  They also refer to his companions from the Mattachine Society and Stonewall movements with glowing terms.  As a former witch, I know that so many people are either very unaware of the occultic backgrounds of the many gay and lesbian leaders or else they are doing the same thing that a bunch of Unitarians, liberals, and other leaders secretly did in the past who were quietly part of our covens and witchcraft circles.  Harry Hay, the primary founder of the modern gay movement, promoted this along with gay practices, bestiality, and some really nasty forms of the occult / witchcraft that also involved animal sacrifices to the spirits through his involvement with the master occultist, Aleister Crowley, who claimed to be the 666 Beast of the Book of Revelation and used various forms of occult "magick" for some very powerful spiritual events, including the evoking of world wars.  Harry Hay was an organist in a "church" that followed these teachings.  He also promoted pedophilia without parental consent, and promoted the killing of those who opposed gay practices, as did other gay liberation leaders:

Mattachine Society and its riots (just some of many articles on their violence):

(be aware that this web site supports everything the gay movements he and other Stonewall/Mattachine founders fought for, and has not contradicted their writings)
Support for man-boy "love"
(just be aware that this web site supports the teachings of Aleister Crowley)
http://nambla .org/hayonmanboylove.html 
http://www.nambla .org/sosconference1994.html
(just be aware that this web site has been noted as attacking computers, but cannot be verified)
(look towards the bottom)
Contact with Native American shamans and the concept of the two-spirit person (how about getting involved with their animalistic rituals and worship of various spirits and energies???)
And his interaction with Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition
Nancy Pelosi in support of Harry Hay:
Recently A&E network decided to boot Phil off of the Duck Dynasty show.  How about if A&E and the News Media go read the gay website and printed handouts that openly talk about the same biological parts and sexual practices as Phil mentioned?  Oh, so it's OK for gays to talk about the same things, but no others?  Hypocrites....

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